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    Use our 'da Protector Selector to match the correct LCD Protector to your camera.


Camera Acclimation Kit

Rapid changes in temperature can cause problems with condensation. When taking a warm camera to a cold environment any warm moist air accumulated inside the camera body and lens can cause condensation. The opposite happens when a cold camera is brought inside to a warm moist environment resulting in condensation on the exterior surfaces.

A well known photography tip is to place the camera inside a plastic bag before taking it from one temperature extreme to another. This allows the camera acclimate to the new temperature inside the plastic bag. 

The 'da Products Camera Acclimation Kit gives you the tools for using this photography tip to avoid lens fogging and potential condensation damage.

Above image shows Camera Acclimation Kit.  

Above image shows Canon Digital Rebel XT in use with Camera Acclimation Kit.  Camera NOT included with kit.

The Camera Acclimation Kit includes the following items:

1 ea - Humidity indicator card (with temperature indicator).

2 ea - 10" x 12" 4 Mil Anti-Static Resealable Poly Bags (large enough to accommodate most digital SLR's).

6 ea - One gram Silica Gel Desiccant packs (Provides superior adsorption, remains dry at maximum saturation, absorbs 15% of its weight in water vapor in 2 hours).



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